Wednesday, 3 December 2008


So here it goes first blog, I think I'm going to back-date this and start by displaying stuff from a few months ago so, on the 3rd of October my good friend Chris asked me to take pictures of 'Concrete and Glass', an event which took place in a number of bars and pubs in and around Brick Lane and Hoxton. To get into the Macbeth where Pete and the Pirates were playing we had to make a few calls and do some blagging to jump the queue and avoid the 'one-in one-out' policy but got some good shots anyway.

After that we shuffled over to Shoreditch the try and get into Cargo, but this failed, this place was full and unblag-able, so I pestered a paparazzi photographer instead calling him names asking tons of pointless questions that kinda stuff. Plenty drunk at this point we headed over to 'plastic people' where I progressed into that 'I don't know anyone here, but I'm gonna have spoken to everyone by the time I leave' phase of drunk.

So Long.